[ingo] My ingo filters don't seem to be working

Kevin Hanser ingo at hanser.org
Mon Jan 24 11:48:36 PST 2005


Just recently installed the newest IMP 4.0, and with it Ingo.  I like how ingo
can interface w/procmail so as to filter my mail before it gets to the inbox,
but for some reason my filters don't seem to be working.

For example, I created a filter for the IMP mailing list that says:

Subject Contains [imp]
to field is "imp2 at hanser.org"
to field is "imp at lists.horde.org"
deliver it to the IMP folder.

I saved the filter, and it created this in my .procmailrc:

##### IMP List #####
:0 c
* ^Subject:.*\[imp\]

:0 Ec
* ^To:.*imp2 at hanser\.org

:0 Ec
* ^To:.*imp at lists\.horde\.org

Unfortunately, I've never used procmail recipies before, so I can't tell if this
is valid or not.  It looks OK to me, from what I've read about procmail, but my
mail isn't getting delivered to the proper folder... it all just ends up in my

I checked my sendmail config to make sure it was sending mail thru procmail, and
it seems ok.  My mailer lines @ the bottom of my sendmail.mc look like this;


Any ideas on why my filters aren't working?  This may be more of a procmail
problem than an ingo problem, but I was hoping that someone here might have
more insight into the inner workings of procmail than I do :)

any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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