[ingo] using ingo mechanism to externally create and activate a script

Liam Hoekenga liamr at umich.edu
Mon Feb 21 08:49:00 PST 2005

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We're deploying DSPAM as an antispam solution, and we've written a "wizard" to
allow people to opt in to the service.  We're going to be using sieve for
message delivery, so we need to create a sieve rule to filter out messages w/
the X-DSPAM-Result header.  As we're going to be deploying Ingo, and Ingo can't
reconcile it's rules with rules in the active script on the server, we need to
use Ingo to create this rule and to push out a new script to the server.

We're kinda using a hack to do this.  I believe that I've identified what the
necessary functions are from Ingo to load a user's existing script from
preferences, add a rule, generate the new script and push it out are.  For the
most part it works, but we're running into some problems.  We're occasionally 
unable to activate the script.

We're using a modified sieve driver that I wrote to let us talk to a kerberized
sieve server, and I realize that that may be the problem.  I was hoping tho,
that someone could look at our script and see if I have indeed identified all
of the functions we should need to accomplish this task.

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