[ingo] Ingo Vacation not Responding

Curt LeCaptain lecaptainc at infinitytechnology.com
Mon Apr 4 19:29:14 PDT 2005


I've got an odd error with one of my users.  Currently, I use the 1.0.1
release of ingo, backended by the VFS driver (FTP).  When I set a
vacation message for my user (cjlecap) and activate it, I get a response
from my vacation message.  All options are set, I do list the e-mail
addresses I answer for, and it works well.  Now, if I set this vacation
message for another user (garyv-oc), I see the vacation file be
generated in the user's home directory, the .procmailrc file exists, but
the response never is sent.  I see nothing in the mail log indicating an
attempt to send mail, unlike my other user.  The only difference I see
at all is the fact that there is a hyphen in the username.  Any
suggestions would be appriciated.

Curt LeCaptain

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