[ingo] LocalFile Backend

Servet Guney sguney at metu.edu.tr
Tue Nov 29 05:08:49 PST 2005

Maybe I told my situation not correctly,I wrote a file that capable of 
writing the procmailrc file (for of course procmail backend) with 
vfstype=file not ftp...it is simply writing the files in local server's 
filesystem (not logining to another computer or something)....So that  
httpd user has a problem to have write permission to write in user's 
home directories....
As I said, not a important thing but I thought that  maybe useful for 
someone..Thats the case...

$backends['procmail'] = array(
    'driver' => 'lvfs',    'hordeauth' => true, //needed for finding 
users homes
    'params' => array(
        // The VFS driver to use
        'vfstype' => 'file',        'vfsroot' => '/tmp',
       // Name of the procmail config file to write
        'procmailrc' => '.Hprocmailrc',

Here, the default place is the /tmp folder but in the script it is 
trying to write users homes...
Have a nice day...
Servet Guney

Alinti Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>

> Zitat von Servet Guney <sguney at metu.edu.tr>:
>> While I am struggling (:)) with Horde-İmp-İngo I wrote a backend for
>> procmail.This
> Uh, why? There *is* a backend for procmail.
> Jan.
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