[ingo] Exim Sieve Backend

Martin Fraser mdf at darksnow.net
Fri Feb 3 04:26:01 PST 2006

I've been looking at getting Ingo to create Exim compatible rules and to 
that end I've been looking at getting Exim to read Sieve rules.

The good news is that it can do it and on my Debian setup at least it 
requires no eximchanges to read Sieve filter files.

The problem is the output from Ingo.

For Exim to work the filter file must start with # Sieve filter on the 
first line, Ingo rules start with ##INGO, but that is easy fixed.

The bigger problem is that exim needs absolute paths to deliver mail to 
Maildir folders.

So, my plan was to sub class the existing Sieve filter by Mike Cochrane 
and make the small changes needed, but I've run into a snag.

Is there an easy way to find the absolute path to the current users 
Maildir or at least ~/

I can include the Maildir relative path as an option for the backend 
then deal with translating the folder names that come out of Ingo.

My other problem is that I'm using CVS Framework 3 instead of HEAD so 
this may already be done and even if not, any patches submitted by me 
might not be appropriate to the project.

Sorry for the long post, again, and thanks for any advice you can give.


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