[ingo] messages not removed with imap backend

Jens A. Tkotz jens at peino.de
Fri Feb 3 06:50:43 PST 2006


horde/imp/ingo latest HEAD
php 4.4.0

the mails caught by a rule are copied over the the destination folder  
but they are not removed from the source folder.
In my case its INBOX.

My ingo backend config:
$backends['imap'] = array(
     'driver' => 'null',
     'preferred' => 'peino.de',
     'hordeauth' => true,
     'params' => array(),
     'script' => 'imap',
     'scriptparams' => array()

I investigated a little and found in ingo/lib/Script/imap.php

/* Move the messages to the requested mailbox. */
@imap_mail_move($params['imap'], $sequence, $rule['action-value'], CP_UID);

The imap_mail_move works fine, the imap_expunge seems not.

I wonder why the moving works fine then in IMP.

If you need more info, just let me know.


Jens Tkotz


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