[ingo] Ingo support for Thunderbird Message Labels and "Junk" Label

André Böhm andre at gaarden.net
Sat Apr 8 14:30:01 PDT 2006


I made a litte patch that adds Mozilla/Thunderbird label support to ingo 
sieve rules.
It also adds support for the "Junk"-label that is used by other mail 

To use this you need a Cyrus IMAP server and the Ingo backend configured 
to use sieve scripts.

Thunderbird offers customisable message labels. By pressing keys 1-5 you 
can assign special colors to your messages. The key 0 removes the label.
Also, you can assign the "Junk"-label to messages or remove it. There is 
a special button for this. AppleMail and Evolution use the same 
"Junk"-Label, but they differ in "NotJunk"-Label, as far as I remember.

When using an (Cyrus) IMAP server capable of storing custom labels, 
Thunderbird does write these labels back to the IMAP server (if the user 
has "w" permissions for this mailbox).

Common label names are "Answered", "Seen", "Forwarded"...
Mozilla labels are called "$Label1" to "$Label5".

I simply added these custom label names to Ingos Sieve Lib and included 
another row on the rules page (in German).

I had this working on my previous installation and have just upgraded to 
  ingo-h3-1.1 and tried to reflect all neccessary changes in this few 
patch files, so I hope I did not miss anything.

Ooops, beware - I just realised I included also another change in my 
patch for lib/Script/sieve.php - where I commented out the lines that 
would remove message flags after successfully setting them. I had to 
deactivate these lines for my setup to work.

This is just a very small bad hack. It would be quite nice to have this 
included in Ingo, perhaps with a configurable option so people can 
add/activate custom labels; but of course somebody has to add 
translation and perhaps look into the possibilitites for other backends.
BTW, the "Junk"-Label works with many clients, I wonder if it could be 
supported by Imp as well.

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