[ingo] Filtering on the message contents, not a header

Ben Chavet ben at horde.org
Mon Jun 12 17:31:16 PDT 2006

> I'd like to filter messages both on the sender and the message contents.
> But I don't see the possibility to filter on the message contents,
> only the headers.
> Example :
> If the subject contains "chkrootkit on mymachine.com"
> and
> the body contains "INFECTED" (case sensitive)
> then put it in my "Alert" folder.

> with procmail rules.

> Any hints?

I'm pretty sure procmail supports this, but ingo's procmail driver  
currently does not.  If you'd like to see this functionality, please  
create an enhancement ticket at bugs.horde.org.  If you have a patch,  
that would be great!

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