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Ben Chavet ben at horde.org
Tue Jun 13 06:33:16 PDT 2006

Please keep conversations on the list.

Quoting Jean-Marc Coursimault <jmc at coursimault.com>:

> Ben Chavet <ben at horde.org> a dit:
>> I'm pretty sure procmail supports this, but ingo's procmail driver
>> currently does not.  If you'd like to see this functionality, please
>> create an enhancement ticket at bugs.horde.org.  If you have a patch,
>> that would be great!
> Hello,
> Yes, procmail does support this.
> So far, I've been rather afraid to dig into Horde/Ingo.
> I guess (without having tried, so please don't think the following is
> a criticism)
> - That I have to sort through a gazillion undocumented source files to
> begin understanding how Horde works
> - I'd have to implement this only if Procmail is the back-end, and not
> if the back-end is Sieve or whatever, that I do not have and cannot
> test anyway
> If this is false, AND you happen to know in which file(s) I should do
> the patch, I'm ready to try...
> Thanks :-)
> -- Jean Marc

ingo/lib/Script/procmail.php is the backend driver file.  You should  
just have to add INGO_STORAGE_TYPE_BODY to the $_types array, and  
implement the test as necessary in the driver.

You don't have to worry about other backends, though you might want to  
peek at a couple of them to see how they handle the body checks. And,  
the file is fairly well documented.


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