[ingo] Filtering on the message contents, not a header

JM Coursimault Horde at coursimault.com
Tue Jun 13 07:00:51 PDT 2006

Thanks Ben,

> ingo/lib/Script/procmail.php is the backend driver file.  You should
> just have to add INGO_STORAGE_TYPE_BODY to the $_types array, and
> implement the test as necessary in the driver.

I had a look at the Ingo source after my first message and I'm glad to  
say that I easily found the right file and that it is really quite  

I've begun hacking at it and I have a version that seems to work.  
Needs more testing though, and I will have to port the modifs to the  
latest version (mine is Ingo 1.1.1).

If someone wants to give it a try before I'm confident enough to  
release it, feel free to mail me. I don't want to pollute the list.

-- Jean Marc

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