[ingo] Sieve takes a very long time to save script

Stefan Stolz s.newslists at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 26 23:50:55 PDT 2006


i have configured ingo to use sieve on my localhost. But it behaves  
strange. In the logs i see at the moment of saying for example  
"activate script":
Oct 27 08:47:19 master[32476]: about to exec /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/timsieved
Oct 27 08:47:19 sieve[32476]: executed
Oct 27 08:47:19 sieve[32476]: sql auxprop plugin using mysql engine
Oct 27 08:47:19 sieve[32476]: accepted connection
Oct 27 08:47:19 sieve[32476]: DIGEST-MD5 server step 1
And then long nothing. Then:
Oct 27 08:48:19 sieve[32476]: DIGEST-MD5 server step 2
Oct 27 08:48:19 sieve[32476]: sql plugin Parse the username newslists
Oct 27 08:48:19 sieve[32476]: sql plugin try and connect to a host
 From this moment all works fine. You see it takes exactly 1 minute  
from step 1 to 2!

Have you an idea what yould be the problem?
I use timsieve with other apps (for example squirrelmail plugin and  
kmail) and there i dont have this problem.


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