[ingo] vacation and procmail problem

Markus Krause krause at biochem.mpg.de
Wed Dec 13 15:34:10 PST 2006

Hi and thanks for your fast answer!

Zitat von Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz <Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr>:
> Hi,
> Markus Krause wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> after intensive debugging i found the reason for the problem described
>> below: to prevent users from logging in directly to our mail server  all
>> shells for the users are set to /bin/false. but obviously sendmail
>> needs a real shell.
>> does anyone know a solution without setting the login shell to
>> something else than /bin/false?
>> or does someone know a different procmail rule for vacation?
> What about adding /bin/false to /etc/shells ?
in a short test that did not work (just a one shot-test, another hint  
was adding SHELL = /bin/sh in .procmailrc which actually worked or  
setting /sbin/nologin instead of /bin/false (not yet tested), but we  
are not yet sure which solution is the easiest to setup and maintain)

> This other point probably doesn't solve your one, but bundled sendmail
> vacation program needs a home dir for the user. If your users doesn't
> have a home dir, you shall use a common one, belonging to root...
the home dir actually exist for every user because we are using  
uw-imap (i know, this is not the best choice but it is in use for  
several years now and an upgrade to e.g. cyrus seems to be too much  
effort right now)

but thanks for your help!

with best regards

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