[ingo] Filters problem

Sam Gall lists at usesonline.com
Mon Aug 20 19:03:59 UTC 2007

I just read your responses in the bug tracking list to the ticket I  
created at your request. I very much understand that I may have an  
issue with some other module but as I did not write the software I  
really don't know where to look for that. My job is to make sure my  
users have the services they require in many areas not just mail. I  
started with horde as it was recommended by my hosting provider as  
something that would meet our needs.

We started a new company and when we setup that server we downloaded  
and installed What is listed on the horde site as Horde Groupware  
Webmail Edition 1.0
So what ever you want to call it this is where we started. We have  
been running that for 4 months but there was not much activity as the  
new company had not been officially been launched.

Once the new company was launched we realized that the confirmation e- 
mail that we get do not have enough information in the header for our  
standard filters to work so we tried to filter specific word in the  
body and could not accomplish that on the new server. one of our  
employees tried it on the old companies server and it worked. I  
provided installed versions directly form the administration options  
screen to help with the troubleshooting of this matter.

All we are looking for is a bit of help on this. There are many  
reasons we do not want to roll the new server back in versions to  
match the old companies server. However if that is what we must do we  

Sam Gall
On Aug 17, 2007, at 1:05 PM, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Sam Gall <lists at usesonline.com>:
>> I posted about this again today with a bit more info and have spent
>> hours in the archives and bug list and can find nothing that really
>> pertains to this problem exactly.
>> We are using the prefs backend and I upgraded to ingo 1.1.3 today. I
>> have also tried copying the ingo 1.1.1 that works from our other
>> server to this install. No help on the body search issue but I will
>> say that 1.1.1 and 1.1.3 are much better than 1.1.2
> Wait, so the same code works on one server but not another?
> That means the problem isn't in Ingo.
> I asked you what _filter_ backend you use, not storage backend. If you
> use IMAP filters it's possible that it's a Horde_IMAP problem.
> Otherwise it's not related to Horde at all.
> -chuck
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