[ingo] problem with sieve forward rule.

tdrewry at bu.edu tdrewry at bu.edu
Thu Aug 30 19:38:07 UTC 2007

best case customer... I found a fix.

Basically my fault. I'm used to the filtering methodology of the prefs 
based rules in ingo.  As a result the stop checking if this rule 
matches option is not one I liked to use as it'd stop the script before 
any other message was checked once we had a single match.  With Sieve 
filtering messages as they are delivered the stop box makes much more 
sense and is exactly what is needed to get the filter to function 

(Because I have to hope others will make the same mistake and look for 
answers.  You know so I don't feel like a complete shmoo)

Basically the fix is this. To get forwarding to work correctly and 
still allow for filters to function, you will need to create two rules.

- Rule one is a redirect rule with no condition.  This rule should 
point to the email address you wish to forward to.  For multiple 
addresses you would need more then one of these rules.

   Rule one should be placed below any filters you wish to apply prior 
to forwarding messages. i.e. spam filtering.

- Rule two is a redirect to inbox rule which you place at the END of 
your filter list.  Assuming that you have filters which contain stops 
between your forward rule and your inbox delivery rule (rule two) you 
will only deliver mail to your inbox when it DOES NOT match your other 
rules.  If you do not include stops in your sandwiched rules then mail 
will continue to collect in any boxes the rules push them too in 
addition to you inbox.

I am going to see if I can re-write the forwarding module to handle 
rule creation in this format with the full support for multiple 
addresses.  If I can get this going I'll try to generate a patch and 
send it along.

Tobias Drewry

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