[ingo] Normal 'filesystem' backend for ingo/procmail?

Allen Landsidel allen at 1001islington.com
Sun Feb 24 15:39:11 UTC 2008

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

>> The last bit of magic I need is to get Ingo working with procmail.  It
>> seems as though there is no (or at least no example) backend for ingo
>> to use a normal filesystem; as it is, procmail treats the top-level
>> Maildir directory as home and will create an empty .procmailrc there if
>> one doesn't already exist.
> I'm confused. If you haven't been able to set up a filesystem backend,
> how did Ingo create a .procmailrc?

Ingo did not create a .procmailrc, procmail creates an empty one by 
default in $HOME if there isn't one, when it is run.

> VFS is a possible backend for Ingo, and "file" is a possible backend
> for VFS. So, yes, you can use the VFS file backend in Ingo to write
> .procmailrc files directly to the filesystem. But I still didn't
> understand what you issue actually is.

My issue is simply that in backends.php for Ingo, there is no example 
of a simple vfs/file backend, I'd much rather use than than ftp, which 
I did kludge into working yesterday.

I would much rather not have to run an ftp daemon whos only job is to 
move files around the local filesystem, but I don't know the semantics 
that ingo's backend.php wants.

Thanks Jan.


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