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Wed Jun 18 19:48:52 UTC 2008

Zitat von jonathan doklovic <list-reader at sysbliss.com>:

> Yeah, I've looked in there, and there are a bunch of entries.
> The problem is that I don't understand the whole backend system.
> When are these used, and how does it determine which one is used?

You decide which one to use. Ingo does no filtering by its own but   
create script(-files) for the various backends used. So if you want  
Dovecot-Sieve you must use the "vfs" driver to get the script file to  
the right location and a script type of "sieve". You should only  
configure one backend and comment out or delete all the other entries  
in backend.php.

> When I go into the ingo webapp and configure the filters, the only
> option it gives me for driver is SQL but there are other entries in the
> backends.php file.
> Even if someone could point me to docs explaining how/what these
> backends do would be helpful.

Further reading is docs/INSTALL file of Ingo and as explained the  
backends.php.dist file.

We use sieve with timsieved so we have never used Dovecot/Sieve so i  
can not comment further on this.



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