[ingo] getFilterList()

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu May 14 22:28:51 UTC 2009

Zitat von Alex Romanauskas <alex at romanauskas.com>:

> Hello,
> I am new to Horde and Ingo.  I have installed the 1.2.3 Webmail  
> Edition of Horde and so far everything is going fine except Ingo.   
> From the main page I receive the error:
>  Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in  
> /var/www/horde/ingo/lib/Block/overview.php on line 50
> Line 50:          foreach ($filters->_filters as $filter) {
> And if I go into the Filters section I get:
> Fatal error: Call to a member function getFilterList() on a  
> non-object in /var/www/horde/ingo/filters.php on line 134
> Line 134: $filter_list = $filters->getFilterList();
> I am guessing there is something I missed in the config of ingo.   
> Anyone have an idea of where to start looking.

What *did* you configure in Ingo if you are not using the default setup?


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