[ingo] migrate from php-imap-filter to sieve

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Fri Oct 2 15:26:53 UTC 2009

Quoting Peter Meier <peter.meier at immerda.ch>:

> Hi
>> Since ingo stores it's rules in it's own format, it will create all  
>> the rules it can in the new format. not all formats support all  
>> rules though, so some rules might be lost, atleast till changed  
>> again, or support for those filtering methods where added (unless  
>> this was changed recently? I don't really see how it could be fixed  
>> though)
> will it create the rules if somebody stores them again or during the  
> next login?
If the user tell ingo to store it again, yes, it will. Depending on  
the settings for ingo, it might also store it when a rule is  

During the next login? I don't believe so, I haven't looked though and  
dunno about recent versions of ingo

> does it still save the rules in its own format? If we use  
> managesieve to deploy the scripts, what will happen if somebody  
> deploys their own sieve script with managesieve?

Yes, ingo will ALWAYS save it's rules in it's own format (in the prefs  
system? believe this is changable in recent versions)

If someone updates it manually using like thunderbird, cause you have  
the managesieve port world accessable, then their ingo rules would be  
idle and not used. Since the support for sieve scripts seems to be so  
rare, I would put that down to user knowledge, only manage your  
scripts using webmail or yourself, don't attempt both, unless you know  
sieve, and thunderbird sieve support requires user knowledge of how  
sieve works so.

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