[ingo] migrate from php-imap-filter to sieve

Peter Meier peter.meier at immerda.ch
Fri Oct 2 15:07:27 UTC 2009


> Since ingo stores it's rules in it's own format, it will create all  
> the rules it can in the new format. not all formats support all  
> rules though, so some rules might be lost, atleast till changed  
> again, or support for those filtering methods where added (unless  
> this was changed recently? I don't really see how it could be fixed  
> though)

will it create the rules if somebody stores them again or during the  
next login?

does it still save the rules in its own format? If we use managesieve  
to deploy the scripts, what will happen if somebody deploys their own  
sieve script with managesieve?

thanks a lot for your answers.

cheers pete

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