[ingo] ingo is modifying wrong .sieve file

Thomas Preissler thomas at preissler.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 23:51:47 UTC 2010


I have the following setup: The Horde authentication is done by IMAP,  
ie. Dovecot, which works fine. I recently had to setup a vacation  
message for an IMAP user who is not using Horde. Ok, no problem, it is  
IMAP authentication, so that shouldnt be a problem.
So I logged in as that user to setup a vacation message. I got various  
confirmations that it was alright, so I tested it. Long story short, I  
found out, that the configuration for Sieve is written to _my own_  
IMAP user (this was the first user who was used on Horde).

I set the sieve file in Dovecot by passing a
in the userlist.

I enabled all sorts of debugging in Dovecot and can confirm that the  
correct .dovecot.sieve file is used when email is delivered.

Shortly, the issue is, that ingo is writing the rules to the wrong  
file (it is actually always using the same file.) What can I do? I  
just did a MySQL dump of the Horde database right now and looked for  
sieve - nothing found. I was assuming the path/location is somewhere  
in there.

Any ideas?


Versions used
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition  1.2.5
Filters (ingo)  H3 (1.2.3)
Debian Lenny, up2date

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