[ingo] Can't read original rules...

Nathanael Noblet nathanaelnoblet at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 17:50:20 UTC 2010

  We've recently migrated to new servers. Everything has gone fine, however
ingo can't read my original rules. I originally hadn't gotten the horde
prefs properly set to SQL as our original installation and not sure if that
is affecting this.

When I go to the filters rule list, I see the default whitelist/vacation
etc.. I can add a new rule and I see it show up in my cyrus-imapd/sieve
directory. It can see those new rules fine. If I install the original rule
set, it ignores it and still sees its own rules. Its like it is cached...
however the cache is never updated. using the timsieved.php file and code I
see that the getActiveScript() gets me the proper ruleset, but ingo still
displays nothing like it. Is there a cache someplace I'm missing??

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