[ingo] German characters with ingo

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Aug 18 15:53:16 UTC 2010

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Zitat von Martin Hochreiter <linuxbox at wavenet.at>:

> Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Zitat von Martin Hochreiter <linuxbox at wavenet.at>:
>>>  Hi!
>>> I am using ingo with maildrop and we are suffering on two problems
>>> if you enter a date into the from and to fields of a vacation message,
>>> no mail arrives the mailbox anymore (and no vacation message is
>>> processed) - but
>>> that is not the biggest problem.
>>> The biggest things are german special characters (ü ö ä ) - I don't
>>> get ingo to
>>> produce a vacation.msg with the correct german characters in it ...
>>> instead - i got
>>> these characters: =?utf-8?b?w5ZzdGVycmVpY2hpc2NoZXM=?=
>>> if a german character is in it.
>> There's nothing wrong with that. That's "Österreichisches".
> I agree with you AND I also know that ?utf-8? is a correct mime encoding
> (and now the "but")
> the autoanswer mail that arrives does not show the german umlaut the mail
> has also "?utf-8?" in it ... Thunderbird, Outlook and Webmail is not able
> to read that correctly altough the charset in the mailheader is utf-8 too

And how does such a message look like? Can you attach an example?


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