[ingo] Parse Sieve scripts

Hanns Mattes hanns at hannsmattes.de
Sat May 14 23:18:35 UTC 2011


I like ingo, in fact it's ohne of the main reasons, why I want my users
to use Horde as Webmailer and a frontend for their account-management
(btw. I'm glad to read, that the passwd-functionality will be ported to
new Horde).

It would be helpful, if ingo could parse existing sieve scripts. Most of
my users[1] created sieve-scripts with smartsieve or the
tunderbird-Sieve-extension, but afaics, ingo is much more user-friendly.

My php-knowledge is too limited to contribute code, but is there any
other way, I can help to implement this functionality?[2]

Regards Hanns

[1] About 250 Users, and only a few of them are using server-side
filtering - so it's a small userbase
[2] A Donation, for example?

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