[ingo] Configuration loading order

Ob Noxious obnox3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 04:27:35 UTC 2016


Upon installing Ingo, I've came accross a problem. Given the fact that
Horde (and apps) can load server-specific configuration, namely $_SERVER[
'SERVER_NAME' ] dependent configuration filenames, I tried to use them but
it didn't work.


Where $backends['sieve']['disabled'] = false;

After fiddling for a moment I found why! I had to rename "backends.php" to
another name because apparently, it gets loaded AFTER the
backends-hostname.domain.tld.php file AFAICS. Since "backends.php" defines
"$backends['sieve']['disabled'] = true;", Horde/Ingo always reported "No
configuration for this application" after login :-(

Until I renamed "backends.php", there was no way for Ingo to use the
"sieve" configuration inside the "backends-hostname.domain.tld.php" file.
"backends.local.php" was not affected and worked correctly as expected.

I did not test the "backends.d/*" case though.


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