[ingo] Folder list refresh

Ob Noxious obnox3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 07:33:16 UTC 2016


This is only a small inconvenience but worth reporting anyway.

I was reading my mail with Thunderbird and using Ingo to setup some Sieve
filters to move mail to specified IMAP folders depending on criteria.

For a particular mail pattern, I decided to create a NEW folder with
Thunderbird and then, finish the configuration of the filter with Ingo. As
IMP is installed (but with 'status' = 'hidden' in case it matters), the
"Deliver to folder..." gets a list of available IMAP folders to use.

The new folder I just created wasn't in the list and I found no way to
refresh that list (ie: get out of the current filter config and try to
return, refresh the page, etc...). I had to logout and log back in to have
an updated folder list.

Is it possible to get a way to update the folder list on demand, maybe a
small button right to the list?


About the same folder list, the display is a bit different than within IMP
and Ingo. IMP indents subfolders whereas Ingo displays the full path with
slashes. I find the IMP display behaviour way cleaner to read

[IMP style]


[Ingo style]

If the space indentation isn't clear enough for people, maybe prefix the
names with unicode symbols such as U+2192 → or even better U+21B3 ↳

What do you think?


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