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David Wells - Alfavinil S.A. dwells at alfavinil.com
Wed May 15 17:58:31 UTC 2019

Good afternoon.

I'm replying to my own message just in case this is ever usefull to
someone else. I discovered that I was having the same problem with other
modules of horde such as mail and calendar. I know mail was working at
some point but it was no longer the case. Just like with ingo I was
seeing an incomplete screen with some labels or captions and nothing
else. I completely uninstalled horde and all the modules and installed
again and started to configure one by one the different options and
testing everything in between, so far it's working correctly.

Best regards,
David Wells.

El 15/05/2019 a las 09:39, David Wells - Alfavinil S.A. escribió:
> Good morning.
> I installed from pear and I'm not seeing any errors in apache's error
> log. There is a js folder within the ingo folder and inside of this
> folder you can see these files
>   * blacklist.js
>   * filters.js
>   * new_folder.js
>   * rule.js
>   * smartmobile.js
>   * whitelist.js
> The only css files reside within subfolders of the themes/default
> folder. I haven't changed any theme settings in horde.
> Thank you very much.
> Best regards,
> David Wells.
> El 15/05/2019 a las 01:25, Ralf Lang escribió:
>> looks like wrong/missing js or css.
>> Did yOu install from distribution or pear?
>> Am 15. Mai 2019 03:47:27 MESZ schrieb "David Wells - Alfavinil S.A."
>> <dwells at alfavinil.com>:
>>     Good evening.
>>     I have a working Sieve implementation with dovecot and Ingo can 
>>     succesfully create a vacation message that works, however, the save 
>>     button isn't working when I want to create a new rule and when I select 
>>     a field to match it doesn't add the fields to select the evaluation 
>>     condition or the value to evaluate against as I have seen on some 
>>     screenshots. I tried using the SQL and the preferences storage driver 
>>     with the same effects. I don't know what I should be looking for to 
>>     debug this problem.
>>     Thank you very much.
>>     Best regards,
>>     David Wells.
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