[ingo] problem writing sieve file

Ted ted at easydns.com
Tue Dec 17 17:34:16 UTC 2019


4190 is open on the backend servers, not on the loadbalancers or 
director cluster.  I'm working on opening it up through there, but I 
tried pointing the horde server directly to a backend server which has 
that open and got an authentication error.   I'll see how it goes when I 
have that port open all the way along

Thank you
easyDNS Technologies

On 12/16/19 3:06 PM, Patrick Boutilier wrote:
> On 12/16/19 2:55 PM, Ted wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a horde implementation for our mail system, and I'm 
>> having problems with getting ingo to be able to write to the sieve 
>> file to the server, I get a connection time out error whenever I try 
>> to save a filter.  Horde can access email on the same server it's 
>> trying to write the file to, and all other functions seem to work.
>> My backends.local.php is as below:
>> <?php
>> $backends['imap']['disabled'] = true;
>> $backends['sieve']['disabled'] = false;
>> $backends['sieve']['transport'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['hostspec'] 
>> = 'imap.easymail.ca';
>> $backends['sieve']['script'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['utf8'] = true;
>> That mailservers are loadbalanced and also run through a director 
>> proxy, so the imap.easymail.ca host points to a loadbalanced 
>> director-dovecot cluster which handles login requests and directs to 
>> the backend servers which actually maintain the mail and sieve files, 
>> I had tried having ingo connect  directly to one of the director 
>> machines and directly to one backend server to see if something in 
>> the networkng was a problem, but I get the same result regardless.  
>> I'm wondering if there is something needed in the config I'm unaware 
>> of, or what else to check at this point.  Can anyone offer any 
>> insight or suggestions?
> Is the sieve port (either 2000 or 4190) open internally? Definitely 
> isn't on imap.easymail.ca from the Internet.
>> Thanks
>> Ted
>> easyDNS Technologies

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