[kronolith] CalDav and invitation duplicates

Markus Bozem mbozem at bozem.de
Wed Sep 4 10:06:04 UTC 2019

>Hi Markus,
>I had the same problem.  If you can't wait for the patch, you can  always manually disable Kronolith generation of notifications by  updating /horde/kronolith/lib/Kronolith.php  until the fix is  available mainstream.  I did so by inserting a 'return' just before  the section that sends the itip notifications.
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Hi Aria,

thank you for this hint.

To all interested persons:

return was inserted here:

     static public function sendITipNotifications(
         Kronolith_Event $event, Horde_Notification_Handler 
         $action, Horde_Date $instance = null, $range = null, array 
$cancellations = array())
         global $injector, $registry;


         if (!$event->attendees) {

This solution works ok:
Active Sync can still be used to send invitations. (iPhone tested)
When meeting is created in kronolith - webfronted invitations are not 
send. (not used here)
Only problem when using CalDAV -> when accepting invitations the 
external organizer will be replaced with the accepting person. 

To the maintainers:

But this is only a workaround. And the patch for an user option is in 
master branch since 2015.
So what is the problem in integrating this (small) patch for a big 
problem into stable?
Time to do it?
Should I create a push reguest?
Can I help in an other way?
Are there other concerns integrating this patch?
Is this project death?


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