[kronolith] ICS subscription and login

ppmail at posteo.net ppmail at posteo.net
Fri Sep 6 13:34:16 UTC 2019

Hello list,

I am trying to connect horde's kronolith calendar with the calendar of 
our educational platform moodle. In principle, moodle does accept ICS 
files without problems, but it fails to read kronoliths ICS link because 
of the login requirement. Moodle expects a simple URL that leads to an 
accessible ICS file - I cannot figure out, how to handle the login 
credentials for horde/kronolith. Is there a way to make kronolith help 
moodle? Can you make a calendar public, use a token as it is used in the 
embed URL or include login name and password in the URL? The token 
solution would be the ideal, I guess. (simply adding "?token=[whatever]" 
to the URL of the ICS subscription did not do the trick...) Both systems 
run on managed/reseller hosting so I cannot do much about the basic 
configurations in many cases.

Any hint is appreciated!

Best and many thanks

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