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Sun Oct 9 11:48:58 UTC 2011

Hi Carsten,

Quoting Carsten Schumann <grypho at tempus-vivit.net>:

> Hi Paolo,
> here is my approach which I use with Lightning and my Horde.
> To access the Kronolith calenadar with Lightning or Thunderbird, you  
> have to create a new remote calendar. As URL you choose (as  
> described at http://wiki.horde.org/KronolithSunbird)  
> http(s)://yourhost/yourhordepath/rpc.php/kronolith/YOUR-HORDE-USERNAME/YOUR-HORDE-USERNAME.ics  
> .

This is exactly what I've done... :-)  Before "bothering" people on  
this list, I tried to gather as much information as possible and  
following all the instructions available. My problem at the moment is  
"troubleshooting"... I set up a calendar in Horde/Kronolith and then  
created a remote calendar in Thunderbird/Lightning -- but they don't  
"talk" to each other. For example, if I set an event in Lightning on  
the remote calendar, it simply "disappears": it doesn't get created at  
all, either locally (Lightning) or on on Kronolith. Before I used to  
get an error but now not even that. During my different attempts, I've  
installed and uninstalled different things, including Funambol;  
unfortunately (stupidly!), I didn't really keep track of the different  
variations tried (I was always hoping that the "next attempt") would  
solve the problem...

I'm currently running Thunderbird 6.0.2 (I haven't upgraded to the  
latest version yet because of an incompatible plugin) and Lightning  
1.0b5 (the latest version, I believe). On the server side, I have --  
and cannot change --
Horde 3.3.11 and Kronolith H3 (2.3.5); these are the versions that  
come up when I access the Help files on the server.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone on this list could point me in  
the right direction towards identifying what the problem might be. My  
first question would be "Can Thunderbird/Lightning talk to  
Horde/Kronolith 'out of the box' (without additional plugins/addons)  
or do I need specific addons (such as Funambol, for example)?"... I  
can easily set up test e-mail accounts and calendars, so your help and  
guidance would be appreciated.

Best regards and thanks again for the feedback.


> When updating the calendar for the first time, Lightning asks for a  
> username and password which is stored in lightning. After entering  
> the credentials, you work with the calendar as if it is a local  
> calendar.
> BEWARE: If Lightning looses the connection to the remote calendar  
> (i.e. Internet line down) you need to restart Thunderbird after your  
> internet connection is reestablished. Otherwise your calendar  
> entries can get messed up.
> Best regards,
> Carsten Schumann
> Am 08.10.2011 19:42, schrieb horde at azuleon.com:
>> Hello,
>> This is my first posting to this list; please feel free to re-direct
>> if the topic is better handled in one of the other Horde lists.
>> For quite some time now, I've been trying to get Horde (installed as
>> "part" of cPanel on my webserver) to talk to Thunderbird/Lightning (on
>> my computer). I've tried different approaches and read as much as I
>> could find on the web -- no luck. What apparently should be a simple
>> thing to set up is just adding to my frustration... :-)
>> The objective is a simple one: to get the two calendars (Lightning on
>> my computer and kronolith on the horde side) to talk to each other
>> and  sync both events and tasks (and, if possible, also the address
>> book,  but I could even live without this).
>> Has anyone out there successfully set this up? If so, could you
>> provide some pointers?
>> Many thanks in anticipation for your help.
>> Best,
>> Paulo
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