[sync] typo in SyncBase.php

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jul 18 08:48:33 UTC 2013

Zitat von "Jens-U. Mozdzen" <jmozdzen at nde.ag>:

> Hi,
> after applying the latest updates, I received the following error  
> message in Apache's error log when syncing:
> PHP Fatal error:  Undefined class constant 'AIRSYNCBASE_AllORNONE'  
> in /usr/share/php5/PEAR/Horde/ActiveSync/Request/SyncBase.php on  
> line 56
> I believe to have seen this on the mailing list, but Google didn't  
> return any usable hits. Checking the installed PHP files showed that  
> the constant is defined in ActiveSync.php, but all caps (notice the  
> two lower-case "L" in the error message). Manually changing this in  
> SyncBase.php seems to have fixed it.
> My excuses if this is a duplicate.
> Regards,
> Jens

fixed in git, thanks
Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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