[turba] Re: Using imp and turba with an Exchange 2000 mail server

yvon.quere@laposte.net yvon.quere at laposte.net
Mon Mar 31 10:53:03 PST 2003

Hi there Stoilis (I'm assuming this is your first name,
correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm pretty interested in your guide to using Horde/Imp/Turba
etc .. with a Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory.

I'm in the process of connection *ONLY TURBA* to an existing
AD directory. My aim is only to use it as a readonly directory
for IMP/Turba users.

Howerver, at this point, my setup is not working. LDAP queries
are going to the AD, but Turba displays nothing.
A manual query using ldapsearch works fine however. 

Here's my sources.php entry for this directory :

$cfgSources['testairialcom'] = array(
    'title' => 'Dummy Airial interne',
    'type' => 'ldap',
    'params' => array(
        'server' => 'dummyad',
        'port' => 389,
	'root' => 'dc=linux,dc=local',
        'bind_dn' =>
	'bind_password' => 'whatever',
       	'dn' => array('cn'),
	'objectClass' => array('person','inetOrgPerson','user'),

Can't make it work however.

So, if I figure this out someday, probably with the help of
others, I guess it could be useful to a couple other persons
here !

But yes, you heard me, I NEED SOME HELP first :-)


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3615 LAPOSTENET (0,34€/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34€/mn)"

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