[turba] Outlook Data Import

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Apr 1 10:52:08 PST 2003

Quoting Woerns Urstmann <mailinglists at eminenz.ath.cx>:

> I'm trying to import my addressbook into turba/mysql backend. when using
> "comma
> seperated" it works somehow but does complain about "expected xx fields,
> found
> yy fields" - something might be incorrect in my .csv. i tried exporting

The message is pretty self explaining. If not, tell me a better one. You
specified a wrong column count during the import process.

> from
> outlook, and also importing in excel, exporting from excel again. doesn't
> help
> much.
> now i am trying "tab seperated import" - i'm getting this error: "Fatal
> error:
> Call to undefined function: import() in
> /srv/www/htdocs/horde/lib/Data.php on
> line 82"
> do i miss something here? i did a cvs update some days ago.

Update again, fixed in CVS.


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