[turba] Re: Using imp and turba with an Exchange 2000 mail server

Stoilis Giannis giannis at stoilis.gr
Tue Apr 1 12:28:10 PST 2003

Αρχικό μήνυμα από  "yvon.quere at laposte.net" <yvon.quere at laposte.net>:
> I'm gonna make myself clearer : here's another tweaked conf :
>     'params' => array(
>         'server' => 'dummyad',
> 	'root' => 'dc=linux,dc=local',
>         'bind_dn' =>
> 'cn=Administrateur,cn=Users,dc=linux,dc=local',
> 	'bind_password' => 'airial',
>        	'dn' => array('cn'),
> 	'objectClass' => array('organizationalPerson'),
>        	'encoding' => 'utf8',
> 	'version' => 3,
> 	'filter' => 'objectClass=organizationalPerson',

Shouldn't you change the "bind_dn" as I told you? If it works for you, ok...
It the port you are using is also working for you, then ok...

> This leads me to another question : can Active Directory
> answer to anonymous LDAP bind requests ? OpenLDAP can. And

No. There is a related article somewhere in microsoft, but I can't seem to find 
it now...

> regarding Turba configuration, I'd prefer not to include any
> password, even if it's the one of an unprivileged, accountless
> user.

Why not use the username and password of the logged in user? I have explained a 
way in my guide...

> I've gone a step further. As you see, I've refined my filters
> after confirming that I *defintely* had results from the LDAP
> queries. People I want returned are all orgPerson, thus the
> filter and the objectClass.

Yes, but not from turba, right?

> How can I go further ? Can I trace (which tool ?) LDAP
> requests/answers on the W2K side ???

Can't say that I know that...

Sorry I can't help you further...

- Stoilis Giannis

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