[turba] Searching address book (via MySQL) returns everything...

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Apr 1 08:19:25 PST 2003

>>When I try to search my address book, via MySQL, no matter what item I
>>search on, name or email address, the search results always return
>>everything. Has anyone had this problem??? I am using the latest
>You may be noticing the behavior i've seen, that turba caches search
>If you search for "b" (and get all the contacts with b in their search
>Your next search for "james" will continue to have the "b" results displayed
>(but shaded).  If you narrow your search by trying "brian" it is already in
>the list of "b" results and your result page won't change.
>I find this an annoying "feature" myself.  It goes away if you renew your

Or if you click on the clear search link.

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