[turba] Show First- last, order problems

djfogbr at ibest.com.br djfogbr at ibest.com.br
Tue Apr 1 13:12:40 PST 2003


Here our mail server runs debian 3.0, kernel 2.2.19, uw imap 4.7c, sendmail 8.12.3, postgres 7.2.1, apache 1.3.26, php 4.1.2, horde 2.1, imp 3.1. 

We are trying to upgrade to horde 2.2.1, imp 3.2.1, turba 1.2. After some problems with pear (we had to 'forget' the error messages that horde/test.php states, and it works ok doing this) and more problems upgrading the datadase, we finally could make it run. 

But we found an annoyng behavior in turba. And I think it comes from turba 1.1. Well, I'm from Brazil, and here we use 'fisrt name, last name'. I can set this up in turba, but the problem is: even showing 'first name, last name' turba orders the address list by last name. Is there a way to correct this, orderind the list 'first name, last name'? 

Thanks in advance.

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