[turba] Searching address book (via MySQL) returns everything...

Ryan Gallagher ryan at studiesabroad.com
Tue Apr 1 19:34:14 PST 2003

Quoting Adam Tauno Williams <adam at morrison-ind.com>:

> >>When I try to search my address book, via MySQL, no matter what item I
> >>search on, name or email address, the search results always return
> >>everything. Has anyone had this problem??? I am using the latest
> >>release...
> >You may be noticing the behavior i've seen, that turba caches search
> >results...
> >If you search for "b" (and get all the contacts with b in their search
> >field).
> >Your next search for "james" will continue to have the "b" results
> displayed
> >(but shaded).  If you narrow your search by trying "brian" it is already in
> >the list of "b" results and your result page won't change.
> >I find this an annoying "feature" myself.  It goes away if you renew your
> >session.

> Or if you click on the clear search link.

My apologies to the list and the developers!  LOL.  Maybe white on light blue
wasn't such a hot color scheme for our custom styles.  *grin*  I have honestly
never noticed that text link before.

And it's not just me, my whole office of IT workers (about 5) never saw it!

Something new every time,

Ryan T. Gallagher
ryan at studiesabroad.com
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