[turba] Turba changing contact name

chris at wilber.me.uk chris at wilber.me.uk
Fri Apr 4 15:51:15 PST 2003

I have looked through FAQ and mailing lists and either because it wasn't there
or because I didn't look carefully enough I haven't seen this raised before.
I am referring to personal addressbooks in LDAP
I add a contact - John Smith.
Then later I need to add another John Smith.
Let's say that the first one has a middle initial, so I edit that record and
make it John R Smith.
Now I come to add the new John Smith and I can't.
Now I am not sure of terminology here so bear with me. I would have expected
that if we the rdn as I have done here, then this should be a move in ldap
rather than an update.
Perhaps a mechanism to achieve this is to have a flag in the configuration files
that identifies the field as a component of the rdn so that any changes to
thoise fields results in a move rather than an update.
Congratulations on a superb product by the way.
One last thing, in setting up LDAP Turba, I noticed a fair number of questions
on how to achieve a working setup. If anyone thinks it would be useful, I am
willing to write up what I did, and also provide a sample slpad.conf, sample
LDIF and sample turba configuration files.
Chris Wilber

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