[turba] Mapping Turba fields with GQ-marked-as-red LDAP attributes

amith at xalan.com amith at xalan.com
Fri Apr 4 10:14:17 PST 2003

| Problem is that I can't map a Turba attribute to a *RED* LDAP
| attribute. Seems like no value is returned, and the search
| result page on Turba shows me the "Edit" button in place of
| the real result.

As the link you provided says, when GQ colors attributes "RED" that means that
you are missing the objectclass.  So basically that means you have an illegal
setup.  Each attribute must be part of an objectclass (at least most of the
time).  To get a better understanding of LDAP, read some of this:


If you still have questions after reading this, then write back to the list.

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