[turba] Address Import Not working

Doug Boss Doug at Bosshelp.com
Mon Dec 29 14:01:33 PST 2003

We recently moved our sites to a dedicated server - The old server was running 
Horde - I exported my address book and when I try to import it to HORDE on the 
new server the import says it worked but NO addresses appear.  I have tried it 
from a number of windows PC's and tried all the avail options.  Nothing seems 
to work 

I have exported and imported in the past *and exported (on diff hardware ) 
under similar circustances.  

I tried looking at the GUI to see what version we are running but I cant 

Im not a Unix genious so I typically dont go to telnet for that info.  Are 
there known issueS with certain versions of turba ??

PHP Version 4.3.4 
Apache Release  10329100  

I will check the archives every few hores hoping for a response or you can 
reply directly .....

Thanks in advance 

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