[turba] address book

evans at stoplighting.net evans at stoplighting.net
Wed Jan 14 23:02:27 PST 2004

To start with a little background.

I would like to state I am a not code savey, I am not a programer just a user
the turba address book that comes with my hosting service(Omnis.com)  I love
the system it seems to be the best I have found, but remember I make no claims
to know anything about code, it is a mystery I trully respect.

I have a small upstart lighting design Co.  we pick Omnis because it seemed to
be the best for us at the time.  To cut to the chase, we have been doing
massive amounts of data enter into the turba address book for our mailing
list/contact lists, ect.  Well today 1/14/04 it crashed, it all went away, a
months work of work I could not believe it.  I called Omnis which is when I
found out that in fact they did not right the code for the address book that is
Hord.  Which I quess they buy the rights to use the code.  Again I am sorry for
my ignorance I am new to all of this.  

If any one has any idea or any hope they can pass along to me about why I lost
months worth of data entry please let me know.

thank you all so much


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