[turba] multienum fields in turba

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Sep 29 10:30:42 PDT 2004

Quoting Bo Daley <bo at darkwork.net>:

> if I define an attribute in turba as a multienum field, is there
> currently a way to store the field data as an array in the backend?

No, not currently.

> This could be done by serializing the data on its way into/out of the 
> backend,
> but I'm not sure that'd be the best way to do it..


I know I shouldn't say this with Horde 3 finalizing, but this is one of the
reasons we should really rip Horde_Form and friends apart and put it back
together slightly differently. We need something like a
$type->getStorable($options) method for Horde_Form_Type classes.

Maybe a not-so extreme solution would be to break Horde_Form_Type out 
into it's
own Horde_Type library (which could then include Horde_Date, even), and modify
UI_VarRenderer into another seperate library (Horde_Field) or some such. Types
would define validation, getting storable formats, etc. Fields would map to
display. Etc...



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