[turba] Photos

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Wed Jun 1 13:54:38 PDT 2005

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

>Quoting Josh Kelley <josh at jbc.edu>:
>>At that point I ran into my first problem: the employeeNumber LDAP
>>attribute wasn't being returned by the LDAP search query.  From looking
>>very briefly at the source, it looks like the search function does not
>>request attributes that are only referenced in composite attributes.  If
>>so, is that a bug in Turba?
>Debatable, but it's currently intentional. I'd be open to changing it.
Out of curiosity, what's the reasoning behind the current design?

>>However, things still aren't working.  "ID" (employeeNumber) shows up
>>with the proper value in search results, and the "Photo" line is listed,
>>and <img href="http://www.jbc.edu/directory/.jpg"> shows up in the HTML
>>source, but the employeeNumber isn't getting substituted in.
>>What am I missing?
>Honestly, I don't know - try putting some debug code into where the 
>composite fields are put together and see what it's doing.
I found out what I was doing wrong: the individual field names in a 
composite field need to be Turba attribute names, not attribute names as 
used in the contact source.  This wasn't clear to me from looking at the 
sample sources.php; would it be worth spelling it out there?

I would find it much more useful to be able to reference attribute names 
used in the contact source, without pulling them into Turba, but I don't 
know how useful that feature would be to others or what it would do to 
the overall design.

Thanks for the reply; I appreciate it.

Josh Kelley

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