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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Jun 1 15:24:00 PDT 2005

Quoting Josh Kelley <josh at jbc.edu>:

>> Debatable, but it's currently intentional. I'd be open to changing it.
> Out of curiosity, what's the reasoning behind the current design?

I honestly don't remember. Looking at it now it doesn't make that much 
sense. I probably was thinking that I only wanted to tackle so much 
complexity when I ...

ah, I know. Editing. It's easy enough to put two (or more) pieces 
_together_ using a format string, but splitting them apart again is a 
whole different beast. So if you're up for changing this, I'd suggest 
that we adopt the convention that if a field isn't pulled in 
independantly, it's not editable. Or we automatically break up the 
pieces on the edit screen for composite fields.

If you look at how composite fields currently work, the example is you 
have a name field that's a composite. In the edit screen, when you type 
in either the first or last name boxes, it updates the composite name 
for you, but you can't edit the composite name yourself. So that's 
what's going on. Make any more sense?

> I found out what I was doing wrong: the individual field names in a 
> composite field need to be Turba attribute names, not attribute names 
> as used in the contact source.  This wasn't clear to me from looking 
> at the sample sources.php; would it be worth spelling it out there?

Definitely. A docs patch would be great.


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