[turba] CSV Import not working

MichaelUrspringer.12464738@bloglines.com MichaelUrspringer.12464738 at bloglines.com
Sat Jun 25 01:07:24 PDT 2005

I have problems with importing my CSV files into Horde. I don't think it is
a real issue with my format itself as it is not working with a stripped version
only containing Name and e-mail.

To reproduce I just added 2 addresses
via Turba and exported it to CSV. After that I tried to import it again and
see the same behaviour I can see with my CSV files.

I can choose the fields
I want to import and as soon as I click "Next" it is working for a few seconds
and then I see the saem screen as before (Import Step 3) without any error

If I look at the database there is only the first record imported
(and seems to be correct).

Any idea what is wrong here? Any help would
be greatly appreciated...


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