[turba] 'blank screen' after adding new contact

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Mon Apr 10 12:43:33 PDT 2006

Looking in my apache error log file, the error being generated is:

Cannot redeclare _imp_hook_vinfo() (previously declared in
 	/usr/local/www/horde/config/hooks.php:675) in
 	/usr/local/www/horde/config/hooks.php on line 686

This appears to just be when I click on the 'Browse' link in Turba ... 
everything else in horde appears to be fine ...

I've checked hooks.php, and only have one define for it:

# grep _imp_hook_vinfo /usr/local/www/horde/config/hooks.php
function _imp_hook_vinfo ($type = 'username') {
// Here is an example _imp_hook_vinfo function. If $type == 'vdomain', this
// if (!function_exists('_imp_hook_vinfo')) {
//     function _imp_hook_vinfo($type = 'username')

is there somewhere that hooks.php is being read in twice?

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