[turba] Address Books - ldap should be read only

Markus Reinhardt markus.reinhardt at wsl.ch
Tue Jun 20 07:38:50 PDT 2006

Hi Bosco,

I encountered the same problem. The entries of a read-only LDAP
directory show even a delete and edit link. I didn't find any
possibility to disable that. Is this not provided in the current
version of turba (2.1.1)?

Thanks for reply,

-----Original Message-----
Find the paremeter to disable this icon now. But now I have another

We have a ldap directory and a contact list. We do not allow others to 
edit the ldap entry thus any move/copy operation related to ldap will 
failed and result in error. Is it possible to disable the move/copy to 
ldap server? Or the move/copy column? Our objective is to allow user to 
browse the ldap and add user to contact list, but not the other way 
around. Is there any best way to do it?


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