[turba] Address Books - ldap should be read only

Andreas Vögele andreas at altroot.de
Wed Jun 21 05:08:10 PDT 2006

Markus Reinhardt wrote:

> I encountered the same problem. The entries of a read-only LDAP
> directory show even a delete and edit link. I didn't find any
> possibility to disable that. Is this not provided in the current
> version of turba (2.1.1)?

AFAIK you can use Horde's permission system to restrict access to your 
address books.

Go to Administration > Permissions and add permissions for your Turba 
sources.  The tree that Horde will display after you added the 
permissions will look similar to this one:

- All Permissions
   - Address Book (turba)
     - Sources (sources)
       - My Address Book (localsql)
       - LDAP Directory (contacts)

Be careful to not lock users out! By default, no permissions are set in 
newly added childs.

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