[turba] Problem to convert a public source (turba <= 2.0.x) to a shared source (turba >= 2.1)

Yvon Lafaille yvon.lafaille at limousin.iufm.fr
Thu Nov 30 05:39:26 PST 2006

Problem to convert a public source (turba <= 2.0.x) to a shared source 
(turba >= 2.1)

The source : "publicsql" with the title : "Adresses publiques" 
corresponds to the mysql table : "public_addresses" which is updated 
outside of horde.

Here is the new stanza of this source in the file turba/config/sources.php
// Carnet d'adresses public
$cfgSources['publicsql'] = array(
    'title' => 'Adresses publiques',
    'type' => 'sql',
    'params' => array_merge($conf['sql'], array('table' => 
    'map' => array(
        '__key' => 'object_id',
        '__owner' => 'owner_id',
        '__type' => 'object_type',
        '__members' => 'object_members',
        '__uid' => 'object_uid',
        'name' => 'object_name',
        'email' => 'object_email',
        'alias' => 'object_alias',
        'homeAddress' => 'object_homeaddress',
        'workAddress' => 'object_workaddress',
        'homePhone' => 'object_homephone',
        'workPhone' => 'object_workphone',
        'cellPhone' => 'object_cellphone',
        'fax' => 'object_fax',
        'title' => 'object_title',
        'company' => 'object_company',
        'notes' => 'object_notes',
        'pgpPublicKey' => 'object_pgppublickey',
       'smimePublicKey' => 'object_smimepublickey',
        'freebusyUrl' => 'object_freebusyurl'
    'search' => array(
    'strict' => array(
//    'public' => true,    (old settings whith turba-1.2.5)
//    'readonly' => true, (old settings whith turba-1.2.5)
//    'admin' => array( 'mail.admin@<domain_name>' ), (old settings 
whith turba-1.2.5)
    'export' => true,
    'browse' => true,
    'use_shares' => true,
I converted this source with the script 
     owner : Administrator   
    Title : Public Addresses;
    Source : publicsql
    [   OK   ] Created new Horde_Share object for the shared address book.
    [  INFO  ] Moving 348 contacts to Public Addresses.
    *** Public Addresses successfully created ***
    Share Info:
        Title: Public Addresses
        Owner: Administrator
        uid:   6d7e5b3d4a6bcb349780c4d5a738f5ba

At this point, I still see the "publicsql" address book  with the old 
title : "Adresses Publiques".
But a listing of this address book or a search in this adress book give 
no result.
In fact the old public address book is still showing but has become 

The address book with the new title : "Public Adresses" is not showing 
It is why I am unable to work with this address book or edit the 
Permissions of  this address book

Please help.

Yvon Lafaille

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