[turba] LDAP Photos

Martin Fraser mdf at darksnow.net
Tue Oct 28 12:34:09 UTC 2008

Is it possible to have the photo field use LDAP for storing the Photo?

I have only just noticed the field and I added it to my Turba setup. The 
field appears as it should and I can upload a picture, as expected. The 
trouble comes when I try to save the picture.

The relevant lines added to my Turba sources are:
         'photo' => 'jpegPhoto',
         'phototype' => 'photo',

These correspond to a binary field for jpegPhoto and a text field for 
photo, which I assumed would be the correct things to use.

My horde.log is showing:

HORDE [error] [turba] Modify failed: (21) Invalid syntax [pid 4555 on 
line 92 of "/var/www/horde/turba/lib/Forms/EditContact.php"]

Any ideas how to go about fixing this?

Has anyone else got this working?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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